Attractive Men with Facial Hair

"The beard maketh the man."

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Iwan Rheon

Iwan Rheon

Anonymous said: Oh, oh! What about Richard Armitage?

We’ve had him on here before, we can have him on again :) x

Anonymous said: this blog is some sort of destiny, i know every face that's posted, haha thank you :')

No thank you. Have a gif of Sufjan Stevens that will break your heart.

Anonymous said: oh mah god. So is it just me or is it REALLY hard to find pictures of josh holloway outside of LOST that do his hotness justice?! Like I'm certain my friend would love him if she watched lost but I can't find a damn picture of him on google that she doesn't think looks disgusting. idk. it's late.

Maybe you should show your friend a clip on youtube or something instead. I know what you mean though. There are some really hot guys who in real life or videos and films etc are so hot that it’s almost like photographs cannot contain or show their full beauty. That’s my reasoning anyway.

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